How to Get Featured In Forbes

Getting featured in Forbes is a bit of an oddball process. You'll need to do something unusual or unique, and your story must be compelling enough for the editors at Forbes to want to cover it.

The good news?

This strategy works much better than trying to get on TV.

To start with, Forbes' audience is more affluent than any other media outlet's reader base. And because they are based in New York City, there are a lot of "suits" reading their content. So if you're doing things that are legal (and not too illegal), you might find yourself being featured in one of the most prestigious business magazines in the world!

Let's take a look at ten ways you can achieve this goal:

1. Write an Article for Forbes

If you've done something notable or interesting, write an article about it and send it to them. The first thing you should do is check out what they publish. If they like long-form articles of around 1,000 words, then don't go writing a short-form piece. Research and see what they have been publishing lately so you know how to format yours appropriately.

2. Be a Guest on Their Podcast

You probably won't get selected as a guest unless you have already published an article for them. But if you can get in front of their audience, you will instantly become a thought leader. This means that people will start talking about you, leading to more recognition and opportunities.

3. Try to Become a Contributor

This requires a little bit of luck. You could try sending them pitches for stories to see if they like your style, but we recommend using more direct methods. Send them an email and tell them you'd love to contribute. Some of the best contributors were once anonymous writers who sent in emails. Then once they got used to their writing style, they were hired on as regular contributors.

4. Offer to Write a Case Study

Case studies are great because they give readers a behind-the-scenes look into your business. They also make amazing content, which makes it easier to attract more attention from Forbes. Moreover, they allow you to show off your expertise in an easy way for your potential customers to understand.

5. Build Relationships with the Editors

It doesn't hurt to build relationships with the editors of publications you care about. Even though they may never feature you, their recommendations carry a lot of weight. Editors have a lot of influence when it comes to getting you featured. So while you shouldn't expect anything, it never hurts to ask. You might end up being surprised.

6. Go Overseas

One of the biggest advantages of international expansion is that it will enable you to reach new audiences worldwide. As a result, you can expand your marketing efforts to a broader audience. This also gives you a chance to get featured by local media outlets.

7. Promote Your Business through Influencers

Influencer marketing has become very popular recently. It allows you to leverage the power of a celebrity to reach a whole new audience. One of the best ways to use this technique is to discover influencers within your industry. Then promote your business through them.

8. Get Featured By Other Publications

If you're thinking about "how to get featured in Forbes," it's important to note that you can't just stick to their website. They receive hundreds of emails daily, so that they might miss yours. Instead, try contacting reporters from other publications and asking them to write about your business. If they like your idea, they will likely pass it to their editor.

9. Create a Meme That Goes Viral

Memes spread quickly across social media because they are simple and easy to understand. Plus, they are often funny and enjoyable. Because of this, people are quick to share them. And when they do, it spreads your story even further.

10. Get Your Article Published on Wikipedia

Being featured on Wikipedia is almost like an achievement badge. It shows that you have achieved a certain level of notoriety in your niche. It also helps to establish you as a thought leader within your field. So if you have something noteworthy to say, you should consider making your own Wikipedia page.

In Conclusion

There are plenty of different ways to get featured in Forbes. Hopefully, you found a couple of ideas that you could use to grow your brand.

Do you have questions about these tips? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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